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About Us

The Wright family pioneered home septic inspections for real estate transactions as a way to ensure buyers had a fully functioning septic system and field.  The Wright family were the innovators in creating and manufacturing the distribution box which is still in use today on many systems.  Willie's Septic Tanks designed and manufactured tanks and later sold the business now known as Manco Septic. 

Will Wright personally has been involved in the industry for over 28 years.  BCIT endorsed our program and encouraged students in environmental studies to mentor with us. 

​We have specialized in conventional systems - Type I Type II and Type III treatment systems and Sand Mound Systems.  


Our service range encompasses the entire Fraser Valley from Richmond to Hope and everywhere in between.

We are the longest serving, full service, septic provider in the Fraser Valley with over 5,000 systems in the ground and have completed over 5,000 home septic inspections.  We don't solicit or advertise through any association. We rely on word of mouth and personal reputation and are proud to service the community.  If we find a system in need of repairs we don't badmouth the competition, we fix it to ensure it functions the Wright way.  

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